Critters, Chaos, Capital – Encountering Global Political Economy_with_Queerfeminist Technoscience (Stream A)

Global Political Economy and queerfeminist Technoscience are two seemingly non-connected strands of thinking. However, technoscience scholar Michelle Murphy advises us: “Today the politicization of the relations of reproduction is crucial to the critique of capitalism” while “[a]ny theorization of the relations of reproduction […] is also a historical symptom. [T]he relations of reproduction are better theorized as already subsumed by capitalism and as thereby provoking the political task of looking towards ways ‘becoming with many’ that can proliferate possibilities towards other forms of life“ (Murphy 2015: 300 ff). We would like to take this up and inspire transversal collaborations. In this workshop, hegemonic shallows, technopolitical streams, neoliberal squalls and monster squids await us! We enter into the uncharted waters of thinking through, beyond, with, and now. Join the adventure!

Hannah Grün and Markus Rhein: Our personal encounter with our backgrounds has brought us curiosity and confusion. We would love to share our state of razzle-dazzle and see where we might end up. Follow us on Critter!