Spiegel reporter: “Professor, two weeks ago, the world seemed to be all right…” Adorno: “Not to me!”

To us, the world doesn’t seem to be all right either. Not as long as bombs are being dropped and hunger prevails; not when refugees are locked out or deported; but also not when more and more (old) people have to rifle through waste bins for deposit bottles. And what do universities teach about this world? The privileged locations of knowledge production have become entrepreneurial institutions long ago which have neither the capacities nor the will to develop knowledge for the transformation of the status quo. Rather, the logic of competitiveness, precarity and exhaustion keep their employees busy. Primarily, they have to raise third-party funds and publish articles in highly ranked journals – instead of critically examining the existing order.


Based on its tradition of reforms (“There shall be no menials at the University of Kassel!”), the University of Kassel, does not fit into this narrative. It brings together exceptionally many scientists that prefer education over career, excellence and elite universities. Accordingly, it provides the perfect atmosphere for the encounter of critical lecturers, researchers and students. This is why we organize the critical summer university herr*krit here.


We invite everybody interested in critical research and teaching; studying in Kassel or planning to do so; working in the region and seeking for critical reflection; working for a better world as political activists (outside of the university); and especially those missing critical social theory at their own universities to join this summer school.


We offer:

  • crash courses and workshops on capitalism, sexism, racism… and on what Adorno and her homies would have said to these issues…
  • tandem teaching
  • political movies in seminar room cinemas
  • in the evenings: cocktails in the Unakkreditier-Bar