Sociology Hesitant? W.E.B DuBois, Methodologies of Truth-Seeking, Politics of Truth-Making (Crashkurs)

In his 1905 essay, “Sociology Hesitant,” a prominent sociologist, artist, novelist and civil right activist W.E.B DuBois asks: “Why do not Sociologists state their object simply and plainly?” His response is thought-worthy: “For fear of criticism,” says he but then again wonders: “the criticism of whom?” This crash course offers in-depth analysis of DuBois’ essential, still relevant yet hitherto neglected essay “Sociology Hesitant”. Under the guidance of this text, we will discuss the place of European sociology in the age where the ‘truth’ is disclaimed, get “post-”ed and re-searched. Departing from DuBois’ definition that sociology is “the science that seeks the limits of chance in human conduct,” this crash course invites its attendees to look at these limits and to think over how ‘Chance’ and ‘Truth’ condition one another in a society where the cultural, spatial, affective and economic inequalities rapidly grow. Put it plainly, this course aims to explore the links between politics of truth-making and methodologies of truth-seeking for a kind of sociology that dares to know.

Pinar Tuzcu (Dr. phil.) holds a postdoc position and teaches at the Department of Sociology of Diversity at the University of Kassel, Germany. She is the author of the book titled ‘Ich bin eine Kanackin’ Decolonizing Popfeminism (2017). Her research interests include contemporary feminisms and queer theory, postmigration studies, decolonial approaches and speculative methodology. She is currently working on a project “Mobile Feminisms in Speculative Times.